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                                    BT Fitness Gym Policies

  1. All clients must treat other clients and staff with respect.

  2. Discrimination, lack of respect or abuse towards persons on the grounds of their race, colour, age, gender or sexuality will not be tolerated.

  3. You must unload all weights to the racks provided.

  4. Safety is vital. Collars must be applied to bars, safety racks in place when squatting and a spotter must be used if attempting maximum weights.

  5. Phones calls are not permitted on the gym floor.

  6. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure equipment is clean before and after use. You must clean each item after use using your own antiseptic wipes or cleaning spray and tissue paper supplied.

  7. Classes are booked on ‘Class Booking’. Please be on time for classes. Classes always take place. Cancellation of classes is also on website. If you do not turn up for a class that you have booked, all your current bookings are cancelled automatically.

  8. You are asked not to use towels on equipment due to the risk of infection. Towels can be used for your own personal use.

  9. Items left unattended in the changing rooms are at your own risk.Lockers are available. Please bring your own lock.

  10. Personal belongings cannot be left at reception

  11. Membership is available from age 14 up. For under 16s, a parent or guardian must sign at the club and arrange an initial induction for their child.

  12. There are separate children's changing rooms. Under 18s are not permitted in adult changing rooms or showers.

  13. Bars are not to be left on upholstery as this causes damage.

  14. Shouting while exercising is not permitted. Please remember that you cannot hear yourself if you are wearing headphones.

  15. Medical clearance is required for any client who is pregnant or has had a heart attack or stroke. Clearance may also be asked for in some other cases.

  16. When exercising, there is a risk of injury. BT Fitness accepts no responsibility for this risk. Each client must complete a screening form and disclaimer prior to beginning.

  17. Customers must book classes on the website. Class cancellation is also on the website. Please do not ask staff to book or cancel classes.

  18. The maximum duration of any workout is 2.5 hours.

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