BT Fitness Covid-19 Policies

  1. Masks are required in reception but not in gym or studios.

  2. Two metre distancing is required.

  3. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure equipment is clean before and after use.

  4. Members musty bring their scan card on each visit for contact tracing purposes.

  5. Classes are booked on ‘Class Booking’.

  6. Booking is available from Sunday for the following week.

  7. We request that you arrive in your workout gear and shower at home. Limited shower facilities are available – 1 person at a time.

  8. Only 4 people are allowed in changing rooms at any one time.

  9. All of the standard infection control guidance from the HSE should be heeded.

  10. All customers should clean down machines before and after each use. Spray bottles of disinfectant are supplied within the club. You must take a bottle on entry from top shelf and return to lower shelf for cleaning after workout.

  11. Bring your own water – water fountains are not available

  12. Contact between mouth and hands should be avoided.

  13. If you are showing any flu like symptoms, please avoid gym.

  14. Alcohol sanitiser is provided at entry to and throughout the club. Clients are required to use prior to entry and exit.

  15. Towels are not permitted in gym.

  16. Lockers are available. You are responsible for ensuring that the locker you are using is clean before and after use.

  17. BT Fitness staff will do a full clean twice daily.

  18. Personal belongings cannot be left at reception.