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Our classes

Classes must be booked at Class Schedule & Bookings | Btfitness


9.30: Kettlebell (free to members)
17.00: Karate (age 5-10)

18.00: Karate (kumite)

18.30: Bike Ski Row (free to members)

18.30: Cycle (free to members)
19.15: Pilates

20.15: Fitsteps (book at 0871354047)


6.15: Strength Circuit (free to members)
9.30: Circuits (free to members)

15.00: Ballet (various classes)

18.45: Circuits (free to members)


9.30: Sculpt & Mobility (free to members)

18.10: Kettlebell (free to members)

19.00: Karate (adults & teens)

19.00: Junior Gym (age 10-14)
20.15: Fitsteps (book at 0871354047)


6.15: Kettlebell (free to members)
9.30: Core & Glutes (free to members)

16.30: Karate (age 5-10)

17.30: Karate (age 11+)

19.00: Bike Ski Row (free to members)


9.30: Step (free to members)
10.30: Pilates 

19.00: Zumba (book at 0860788112)


9.00: Ballet (various classes)

10.00: Strength Circuit (free to members)
14.00: Karate (various classes)


10.30: Ballet (various classes)

11.00: Junior Gym

Class Description

Kettlebell: a strength class using kettlebells.

Bike Ski Row: a circuit type class in gym. Interval training plus cardio. Polar monitors used to measure your intensity.

Karate: self-defence class for adults and children.

Cycle: cardio and interval training in the studio. Polar monitors used to measure your intensity.

Pilates: a series of movements for strength and mobility. Similarities to yoga.

Fitsteps: a dance fitness workout that combines all your favourite Strictly dances to give you an all over body workout.

Strength Circuit: a combination of basic strength exercises and carrying movements using balls, kettlebells, sandbags etc. This class takes place on our indoor track.

Circuits: interval training in our studio. Cardio and strength benefits.

Ballet: artistic dance performed to music. Exams and shows. Adults also.

Sculpt & Mobility: a slow paced class which works on strength and mobility.

Junior Gym: a gym and studio based workout for ages 10-14. Fully supervised.

Step: a classic cardio workout to music using a raised platform. Pick your own height.

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